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 Catalonia may be associated with money. A fast paced contemporary metropolis in Med is regarded by many as the European portal to the world. These two languages, Catalan and Castilian Spanish because they both speak it probably is established language 'and enjoy a considerable degree of autonomy later.

Specifically related to the famous Antoni Gaudi style exclusive and radical architecture, in addition to the capital has developed a very good player to take notes. Among them, Pablo Casals, Josep Carreras and Joan Miro, as their work is recognized around the block, now named after your ex. Pablo Picasso, although involving the local Malaga to invest enough time in the ground and make it visible in the Northeast Memorial Picasso with a magnificent slot. This series is the first port of their major works oriented.

To see for themselves the hill from the seafront, Barcelona, ​​Montjuic, the additional main web page is at the Olympics 1992 site. Use the magic Montjuic Fountains with theme park with the car of your cable TV connection. The slope of the actual draw in many visitors opinion, however far apart to the front of the castle, the Museum of Catalan art are actually art, Memorial History, Basic, and Miro and Spanish Town (Poble Espanyol) is to achieve your typical popular.From Montjuic you can find a spot at the base of the Columbus relating to Las Ramblas. This particular famous miles long, lined with Wood Street people can become the center of Barcelona.

It is possible for the productive time of their long journey to separate transmit e-book providers, it means beautiful flower stall and distributor road at Rambla process.The company divided into sectors, and have much in the way the conference site. Location at the foot of the famous Placa Reial Rambla could in fact highly colorful variety of real caféIs together with a cafe. With a beer with tapas in connection with calamres (squid), patatas Brava (hot and spicy, hot taters) or whatever you want.