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 After the takeover by the half of the cars to small cars and subsidies for rural auto policy, the consumption of hot-car market fosters in 2009 to stimulate growth in 2010 seems to say no, BR quot As a temporary reduction in the purchase of tax policy can stop more systematically in the following year was a long-term policy to encourage the consumption of small cars state Department of Market System Development Director for the Eastern consolidation latest NG 2009 Auto industry China quot Circulation 39, said at the annual meeting of the relevant state departments in the A method of alternative

Current policy is followed by a small shift 6L car purchase tax collection policy has a half-reached to stimulate consumer guide car consumption structure needed br br Although encourage Wu to not disclose the east on the adjustment of the policy, the consumption of the details, but estimates , the car industry car tax in 2010 continue to buy the implementation of policies, but its content is changed BR car policy Eichi obvious effect of this year's State policies to encourage consumption of low-emission cars such as sales tax