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 Catalonia may be associated with money. A fast paced contemporary metropolis in Med is regarded by many as the European portal to the world. These two languages, Catalan and Castilian Spanish because they both speak it probably is established language 'and enjoy a considerable degree of autonomy later.

Specifically related to the famous Antoni Gaudi style exclusive and radical architecture, in addition to the capital has developed a very good player to take notes. Among them, Pablo Casals, Josep Carreras and Joan Miro, as their work is recognized around the block, now named after your ex. Pablo Picasso, although involving the local Malaga to invest enough time in the ground and make it visible in the Northeast Memorial Picasso with a magnificent slot. This series is the first port of their major works oriented.

To see for themselves the hill from the seafront, Barcelona, ​​Montjuic, the additional main web page is at the Olympics 1992 site. Use the magic Montjuic Fountains with theme park with the car of your cable TV connection. The slope of the actual draw in many visitors opinion, however far apart to the front of the castle, the Museum of Catalan art are actually art, Memorial History, Basic, and Miro and Spanish Town (Poble Espanyol) is to achieve your typical popular.From Montjuic you can find a spot at the base of the Columbus relating to Las Ramblas. This particular famous miles long, lined with Wood Street people can become the center of Barcelona.

It is possible for the productive time of their long journey to separate transmit e-book providers, it means beautiful flower stall and distributor road at Rambla process.The company divided into sectors, and have much in the way the conference site. Location at the foot of the famous Placa Reial Rambla could in fact highly colorful variety of real caféIs together with a cafe. With a beer with tapas in connection with calamres (squid), patatas Brava (hot and spicy, hot taters) or whatever you want.


Unfortunately, the car repair can be just as unpredictable, which is why leading automobile manufacturer to offer a series of workshops automatically approved body in accordance with proper standards they set.

Involved in the unfortunate event your vehicle in an accident, it is automatically approved body shops is higher than their use to ensure that you are offered the benefits of the guarantee by said improvement will continue to recommend, unless the warranty has expired or has expired.

Approved Auto Repair Warranty

Approved body repair service meets the specified criteria, including the necessary investments in their facilities and equipment as well as doing some of the best practices in the auto repair industry.

That it includes all of the body and paint services in accordance with the guidelines of the manufacturer's recommended your vehicle, use only genuine parts for repair, and ensure that all work carried out free from defects in material and workmanship for a period equal to the remaining warranty period of the body.

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 Autos Audi

It seems more along with many more car manufacturers are getting a little sloppy with their techniques of the current phrase, such as the Revenue car Audi has just joined the group, with a series of surprises that have spilled into the Web.

Seen in the initial phase is relatively clear how the car maker Audi has a long look is really interesting, filled with entries for your small car segment, but have the additional electrically powered car is to pave the way for growth in certain markets.

2010 most likely will be a year with the A1 city car that had just opened a few months ago to be. The compact design is now much more aggressive thrust into the European market with many marketing campaign, featuring Justin Timberlake and a short sequence of the film titled Autos Audi, Very small car, plus a choice of engines use a small but mighty is experiencing a huge demand. Audi executives have now claimed that almost all units have been created this year set was recorded, and the waiting lists to be made ​​in Europe.

Lamborghini 2012

 Wait more than women and men: The next Hypercar Lamborghini has made its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show, and we dare say what it Hypercar! The new Bull God will destroy the earth that 700 hp V12 engine and the highest power to weight ratio of any car in its class. Yes, this is a new Lamborghini LP700-4 long wait Aventador.

Lamborghini is to create really good supercar bad, but just as talented in their naming. According to the company, "Aventador" is the name of the bull that goes into battle on December 1993 in Saragossa Arena, earning "Trofeo de la Peña La Madroñera" extraordinary courage. Have the courage to be, against the new world of super sports cars is the name of the game for the new Lamborghini flagship. World today is very high tech and many new players have entered the arena. Lamborghini has been promoting a carbon fiber monocoque and submit Aventador 0-62mph 2.9 seconds, but it is?

According to Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini. "The Aventador is a jump of two generations in terms of design and technology, it is the result of a completely new project, but at the same time there is a direct and logical continuation of the Lamborghini brand values. It is extreme in the design and performance, without compromise in standards and technology, and unmistakably Italian in style and sophistication. The total of momentum and the technical superiority of the LP 700-4 Aventador is unparalleled in the arena of the super sports car in the world. "

Announce shortly after the official debut Aventador in 2011 Geneva Motor Show, Lamborghini super happy, that the car was sold out for 2011 model year. Now, companies can inflate his chest a lot more since Aventador now sold out for the next 18 months!

Auto Channel has released a new video of the launch control mechanism Aventador Lamborghini. For those of you who are not familiar with how the technology works, you can see from the video and see for yourself. You never know if you end up buying Aventador, at least you'll know how to start it. Head past the jump and check out the video in our video montage.

ferrari 2012

 Ferrari 2012 in the eyes of most people is often a symbol of chic, speed, passion, in fact, Ferrari since the date of birth will be closely linked with a competitive car. Ferrari has a complex control system is still the unique red flag on the Formula One World Championship. Need in the world of Ferrari and racing experience and feelings to say ... Tablet PC

Most people in the eyes of Ferrari, is often a symbol of chic, speed, passion, in fact, Ferrari since the date of birth will be closely linked with a competitive car. Ferrari still has "red control" complex is unique in the Formula One World Championship banner. Need in the world of Ferrari and racing experience and feelings to say, was out of the car.

Mr. Enzo Ferrari, founder of the Ferrari brand naturally drains blood from the car after the first contact with a race car at age 10, with cars and forged a lifelong affinity. Ferrari is successful as a racing driver, the team that leads the series in first place and shook the whole of Italy. Since then, he believes, from the wheel. In 1947 Ferrari his own automobile factory, the production of cars in her name to start. The first Ferrari Prancing Horse Logo wear Ferrari won the sprint on the track is 166 Spyder Corsa type. The car won the 1948 Italian Targ Florio, Mille Miglia Contest champion, Ferrari instant fame and created more than 5,000 victories of the legendary horse to jump. "

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 After the takeover by the half of the cars to small cars and subsidies for rural auto policy, the consumption of hot-car market fosters in 2009 to stimulate growth in 2010 seems to say no, BR quot As a temporary reduction in the purchase of tax policy can stop more systematically in the following year was a long-term policy to encourage the consumption of small cars state Department of Market System Development Director for the Eastern consolidation latest NG 2009 Auto industry China quot Circulation 39, said at the annual meeting of the relevant state departments in the A method of alternative

Current policy is followed by a small shift 6L car purchase tax collection policy has a half-reached to stimulate consumer guide car consumption structure needed br br Although encourage Wu to not disclose the east on the adjustment of the policy, the consumption of the details, but estimates , the car industry car tax in 2010 continue to buy the implementation of policies, but its content is changed BR car policy Eichi obvious effect of this year's State policies to encourage consumption of low-emission cars such as sales tax

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 Incentives faced by tuning the car consumption Automotive Industry - Machinery Industry