autos audi

 Autos Audi

It seems more along with many more car manufacturers are getting a little sloppy with their techniques of the current phrase, such as the Revenue car Audi has just joined the group, with a series of surprises that have spilled into the Web.

Seen in the initial phase is relatively clear how the car maker Audi has a long look is really interesting, filled with entries for your small car segment, but have the additional electrically powered car is to pave the way for growth in certain markets.

2010 most likely will be a year with the A1 city car that had just opened a few months ago to be. The compact design is now much more aggressive thrust into the European market with many marketing campaign, featuring Justin Timberlake and a short sequence of the film titled Autos Audi, Very small car, plus a choice of engines use a small but mighty is experiencing a huge demand. Audi executives have now claimed that almost all units have been created this year set was recorded, and the waiting lists to be made ​​in Europe.